Common Questions

We have gathered some common questions from activity providers like you about the Xplorie program. Check out our questions and answers and if you have more just reach out! We would be happy to talk more about the advantages Xplorie can provide.

Xplorie Activity Providers are paid via check or ACH by the 25th of each month for the previous month’s services.

No it will not cost you anything to be marketed by Xplorie. After your initial onboarding, we will have the images, logo, and descriptions we need to hit the ground running.  First marketing your offer to our participating properties and then to their guests.

There really is no catch. Becoming an Xplorie Participating Activity Provider is easy. Once you talk to a sales representative and sign on, the initial onboarding process has very few requirements: high-resolution photos, high-quality logo, marketing descriptions of your establishment and the offer you are providing, a look into your POS system and how we can make booking Xplorie reservations as easy as possible.

After you sign it is our top priority to make our participating properties aware that you are now available to them. We utilize the images, logo, and descriptions you provide on social media, email, ebooks, and online advertising to get your activity in front of our properties. After your activity is added to an Xplorie program we have a 6 touch system in place to get your activity in front of the guests.

  1. Online: Properties see increased bookings in the continuous placement of their activity programs throughout their site and advertising. We provide landing pages, web buttons/banners, emails, and photos for unit listings to help each property best advertise your activity.
  2. On the Phone: All Xplorie participating properties’ reservation and front desk personnel go through a training program that is designed to market and clearly identify the value offered by each activity provider to increase booking conversions. Also, our Destination Guides are on call 7 days a week to promote your tours or attractions to guests that may be calling about something else entirely.
  3. By Email: In 2020 we launched a new dynamic content email system that allows us to send an email journey to the guest from the time of booking all the way through to the next year when it is time to book again. This allows us to showcase our partnered tour and activity providers throughout the whole guest lifecycle and keep them coming back year after year.
  4. Social Media: Social media has proven time and time again to be used in every stage of the vacation process. Xplorie not only promotes activity partners on our social media but also provides our property partners with assets to help them promote every activity on their program. Currently, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are utilized for all B2C social media.
  5. In Room & Check-In: Xplorie provides our lodging partners a variety of options when it comes to getting in front of the guest from front desk signs to check-in package material. Our latest addition is the option to place an Xplorie Enabled Voice Assistant in the accommodations. XEVA allows us to customize responses when the guest asks a question and put our activity partners at the very front of the list.
  6. In Hand: Xplorie places your business and your offering directly in the hands of your guests. Through Xplorie’s mobile platform guests will have all the information about your activities on their phone making it simple to book, ask questions or map each activity’s location.

Xplorie’s goal during the onboarding process is to make working with us on a daily basis as easy as possible. You will be assigned an account manager to guide you through the process from start to finish and provide the best solution for you and your team. We work with Activity Providers of all shapes and sizes.

During the on-boarding process we will work with you to make booking as seamless as possible. Xplorie works with POS systems of all sizes and can even recommend new systems if you are in the market.

Need More Information?

Need More Information?

Just ask us! We would love to hear from you…

With our unique business model Xplorie is able to put you in front of travelers and families nationwide in search of not only activities but destinations and accommodations as well!