The smart way to build guest loyalty and grow your business

SmartHost™ by Xplorie

Providing the ultimate guest experience just got a lot easier with SmartHost with Alexa: an in-unit, interactive digital guidebook built to delight your guests and showcase your hospitality brand – all while decreasing your operating costs.

From essential FAQs (think wifi password and trash collection day) to critical travel alerts, to curated activity recommendations, SmartHost presents it all in beautiful HD. Better yet, the content — tailored specifically for your guests — is created, uploaded, and updated for you by your partners at Xplorie.

Decrease operating costs, free up your staff

Empower Your Guests

WiFi password? Service request? Late check-out options? SmartHost is at the ready with answers, no need for guests to call or text your office.

The best of your destination, ready to book

Xplorie Activities

The hand-picked selection of local attractions, activities, and tours (plus worry-free guest booking) you’ve come to expect from Xplorie’s trusted Destination Guides are literally at your guest’s fingertips.

Smarthost AI

Smarthost now makes it easy to create the most personalized, hyper-local, and curated activity recommendations for your guests. Build the area guide of your dreams with SmartHost’s AI content generator tool.

Work smarter, not harder

Guest Messaging

Keep your guests informed by sharing updates relevant to a single property, road closures affecting specific neighborhoods, or even critical travel alerts for your area or state. SmartHost lets you send messages to single devices or a subset of your devices.

Maximum revenue, minimal effort

Reducing Orphan Nights

Based on unit availability and rules, guests are offered the opportunity to extend their stay.


Welcome Guests with Personalized Experiences

Welcome guests by name and provide a personalized guest experience.

Answer Common Questions

Provide wifi password and more. Save time and money and provide better service when guests can get answers to common questions.

Remote Checkout

Include a list of checkout items to make departure a breeze.

Recommend Curated Activities

Recommend local activities and attractions guests can book with Xplorie Destination Guides.

Increase Revenue with Extended Stays

Your guests will be offered to book an extended stay if availability and stay rules are met.

Messaging & Service Request

Send messages to guests in one or more of your properties. Guests can request services like cleaning or maintenance and contact the service team.

Provide Property Information

Let guests know how to operate the hot tub or when trash day is.

Connect to Guest Phone to Play Music

Guests can simply ask to play their favorite music or connect their phone and use the speaker.

Guest Privacy

Alexa does not listen to guests. Instead, Alexa listens for “Alexa” in order to generate a response. No data is stored so your guests can trust Amazon’s Alexa to their privacy.

We reduced guest calls by more than 25% and made over $10,000 extra ROI in a single month with Xplorie’s SmartHost.”

– Johan, owner Eden Crest Vacation Rentals, Inc.

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