Leveraging Activities to Meet Your Business Goals

Why Xplorie? We turn up your volume.

Connecting your properties with the best of local activities is just the beginning of what Xplorie offers. We also provide a full range of marketing and technology solutions – including the industry’s leading interactive in-unit hospitality guidebook, SmartHost with Alexa – to help your business rise to the next level.

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Best of Activities

Adding Xplorie’s hand-picked selection of local attractions, activities, and tours (plus worry-free guest booking) to your properties makes your listings more than just lodging, it turns them into complete vacation experiences. With a curated list of the best activities marketed alongside your properties throughout their booking journey, your guests can easily imagine and create inspired vacation experiences — the kind that shape memories and prompt repeat visits.

Destination Guides

When your guests are ready to book activities, Xplorie’s full-service, complimentary Destination Guides offer friendly, knowledgeable concierge service that you’ll be proud to associate with your business. More than just booking agents, Destination Guides provide complete area content — created and maintained for you by Xplorie — and make insightful recommendations to help your guests craft dream vacations.

Xplorie helps your company:

Turn one-time visitors into loyal, repeat guests

Differentiate your listings from the competition

Provide professional content to supplement your marketing efforts

Complimentary Activities

The free activities included in your program are presented as an extension of your properties and make it simple for guests to craft their perfect vacation. And since Xplorie works with a select, curated list of activity providers, you can be sure that your guests will have the time of their lives.

Xplorie’s marketing and technology solutions can:

Increase your average daily rate (ADR)

Decrease guest friction and stress on your staff

Position your brand as a local economic development leader

Alexa SmartHost Technology

Securing great reviews and more bookings is easy when you streamline and improve the guest experience with smart technology – and none is smarter than SmartHost! With our Alexa Show SmartHost, the first in-unit, interactive hospitality guidebook, guests have a familiar, voice-activated interface that provides all the information they need to craft the perfect vacation. From answers to common questions to critical travel alerts and curated activity recommendations, SmartHost presents it all in beautiful HD.

Xplorie meets your business goals by:

Making your property management services irresistible to new homeowners

Improving and building your library of guest reviews

Making your company a trusted area resource for travelers

Email Journeys and Mobile-Friendly Websites

When you partner with Xplorie, our team builds you not only a mobile-friendly activities webpage, but a series of branded emails as well – keeping your business front and center while guests research and plan their vacation. Created and updated by Xplorie, the activity page is your guests’ complete guide to all the activities, tours and attractions available with their lodging – all bookable directly from their smartphone. When you add in thoughtfully crafted and timed email messages, guests’ excitement for their vacation (and your brand) is maximized.

Professional Marketing Support

Last but definitely not least, Xplorie’s marketing experts will provide you with the graphic and text elements you’ll need to promote activities on your website and across your marketing channels. All the tools you’ll need to position your brand as the destination’s premier guest experience will be right at your fingertips.

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