Vacation Rental Tips To Prepare For The Post-Coronavirus Traveler

April 14, 2020

Experts from around the industry are predicting that when travel resumes it will happen quickly. So, the question is not only how vacation rental managers can prepare for the comeback in the industry but also how you can prepare for new expectations from travelers. Here is a compilation of predictions from experts around the industry to get you started.

Maintain Clear and Consistent Communication

Vacation Rental Managers who have used this time to stay in touch and build relationships with their guests will be in a better position when operations resume. If you have not done this yet it is not too late. A well thought out communication strategy with clear messaging and consistent scheduling will keep travelers informed and let them know that you appreciate them and that you are thinking of them. People all over the world that are unable to leave their homes right now are imagining all of the places they will go when this is all over. This is the time to reach out and remind them of all your area has to offer.

Cleanliness Will Be More Important Than Ever

When travel resumes everyone will be anxious. Now is the time to put processes and procedures together for sanitizing and disinfecting and share them with the public on your website and/or unit listings. Travelers will be looking for more details regarding cleanliness and housekeeping in the shopping stage. Once they arrive, they will expect immaculate spaces and to see consistent cleaning throughout their stay. Professional cleaning services and products will be more important than ever moving forward. Properly has created a very thorough post on How to Properly Disinfect a Short-Term Rental that may help.

Prepare For A Boom In Travelers Choosing Vacation Rentals Over Hotels

Experts believe we will see an increase in travelers choosing vacation rentals over hotel stays to seek more private accommodation in nature and luxury properties than a room in a hotel can provide them. Providing an escape to the country, beach or mountains for those who have been isolated in metropolitan areas could lead vacation rental managers to see more bookings than ever before.

Reduce Your In-Person Interactions As Much As Possible

Automation and technology have been adopted by some in the vacation rental space and left out by others who prefer in-person contact with their guests. With personal safety on everyone’s minds, it will still be important to the post-coronavirus travelers that in-person contact is kept to a minimum as they get reacquainted with traveling again. With so many improvements in the vacation rental space to products in home automation and management software it is a good time to explore your options and find something that works for you.

Advertise On A Wide Range Of OTAs

To increase your visibility, you can look at advertising on a wider range of OTAs than you may have considered pre-coronavirus including niche vacation rental sites. Channel diversification could be the boost you need to get in front of different groups of travelers and expand your audience.

While there is not a clear path in front of us, as we stand together, these tips along with so many others out there will help us come out stronger on the other side.