Vacation Rental Cyber Security Solutions

April 12, 2021

Automation is having an effective impact on the vacation rental industry, but automation also brings change. The more technology advances and your property portfolio grows, the higher the risk of cybersecurity threats, and Security Analysts caution that cybersecurity risk has never been greater!

The cybersecurity statistics for 2021 are daunting, but it’s possible to improve your online security with real-time threat detection and security technologies that allow you to identify and respond to threats effectively and in real-time.  From intelligent guest screening technology to threat intelligence software, there are security solutions to limit cyber threats, online fraud, loyalty and rewards abuse, costly criminal activity, and dreaded chargebacks that occur far more often than we’d like in our industry. These all have a negative impact on your business!

Is Your Business Exposed to Potentially Harmful Threats?

Start with the basics! Install a firewall and antivirus software to protect against hackers and malware, ensure your team has secure passwords and are all on the lookout for email scams, and last, but not least, offer a secure payment method for your guests. In addition, stay up to date with the trending threats and risks and educate your team. Yes, these are the basics that should all be in place! Next, step up your technology stack with added security measures and innovative solutions to take your business security to the next level.

Autohost Launches Autohost Threat Intelligence

Autohost has launched the first threat intelligence platform to protect the hospitality and vacation rental industry. Autohost Threat Intelligence is a cloud-based, open-API platform that uses reputation data to identify and prevent threats. The software pulls data from over 200 threat feeds globally into the simple, open API and integrates with existing technology stacks, property management software, and loyalty and reward programs, identifying and preventing potential threats.

Autohost co-founder and CEO, Roy Firestein, said: “The hospitality industry faces significant challenges on a daily basis from fraud and criminal activities, putting operators at-risk of revenue and reputation loss. From fraudulent bookings to chargebacks to criminal activity, such as identity theft, sex trafficking and even money laundering, we have seen it all.

The initial launch of Autohost Threat Intelligence is open and free for use. Features include an open API for easy integration, a simple web-based interface, and access to over 200 global threat intelligence feeds.

“Since our inception, Autohost has been focused on helping our operators protect their business by proactively vetting their guests. With the launch of our open Threat Intelligence platform, we aim to help our broader community by giving them access to data and intelligence that will allow them to better protect their businesses and guests,” he added.

Autohost will continue to enhance the platform, expand their features and generate quality industry insights into the latest threats specific to the hospitality industry. Autohost recently partnered with Blue Zoo on their simple, DIY noise and occupancy solution Party Squasher.

If a suspicious IP address surfaces … give Autohost Threat Intelligence a try for free!