Top Vacation Rental Software in the 2021 Keystone Awards

March 15, 2021

The vacation rental software landscape is evolving at a rapid rate and the implementation of an innovative all-in-one vacation rental software reaps major benefits and rewards for your business and team. Vacation rental software helps you automate your processes, reduce your workload and scale your business for growth. Something we’re all hungry for right now!

The VRMB Keystone Awards are dedicated exclusively to researching the most exciting vacation rental software and raising the awareness of technology in the VR industry. The Keystone Awards 2021, hosted by VRMB founder and visionary, Matt Landau, and VR software guru, Terry Whyte have recently awarded “Top Vacation Rental Software in 2021” to Streamline Vacation Rental Software.

Terry Whyte says of Streamline: “They have a strong new CRM, a hard-working and smart team with dependable customer service, and a robust development arm that continues to improve existing features while adding new ones.”

Streamline offers property managers “Software With No Real Weaknesses”, a powerful customized technology solution and all-in-one software to meet the needs of mid to large-size vacation rental property managers and empower them with the tools needed to grow their business.

Streamline CEO Carlos Corzo adds: “We’re gratified to be honored by Matt Landau, Terry Whyte, and the team at VRMB who are so passionate and knowledgeable about the vacation rental business. The software market is evolving rapidly, which inspires us to remain agile and continue innovating. We couldn’t be more proud of what we’ve built as the true all-in-one solution to empower property managers.”

The theme of this year’s Keystone Awards is agility! Agility is the ability to think, understand and move quickly and easily, and research shows that agile companies have a 1.5x higher likelihood of overperforming their competitors financially in the long run. The award-winners were selected on three added criteria: most frequently suggested, verified using data from feedback surveys, and demonstrating upward trajectories.

VRMB says “All of the companies we have chosen this year champion the concept of agility: the ability as a vacation rental manager to move quickly and easily when you hit a roadblock: the ability to stay agile and use the best tool for any given job.” 

Choosing a vacation rental software is no easy task and requires research and countless demos to finally make the pick. An all-in-one software with a state-of-the-art website alleviates the grind of manual processes and drives direct bookings. When doing your homework, ensure the software has all the essential features in one complete solution.

The essential features of a vacation rental software are: A personalized CRM for guest communication and marketing, a user-friendly reservation portal, property care, and operations to manage your cleaning team, a channel manager to integrate with online platforms and sync property calendars, revenue, and yield management, and financial reporting.

The vacation rental industry has survived yet another natural disaster and the short-term industry trends for 2021 show that technology is leading the way and now is the time to implement change, stay competitive and grow your business the smart way, with an all-in-one vacation rental software solution.

Congratulations to Streamline Vacation Rental Software and all the other winners. Be sure to check out the complete list on VRMB’s Keystone Awards 2021 for more industry leaders such as Track, CiiRus, PointCentral, StayFi, and more!