The Power of Professional Photography for Vacation Rentals

November 15, 2019

Why Professional Photography is Important for Vacation Rentals

We’ve all heard the saying a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, when it comes to marketing your vacation properties, professional photography can be worth much more than mere words!

A study conducted by FlipKey found, “Travelers are 83% more likely to inquire if your property listings contain 20 or more photos.”

Professional photography can make your properties stand out from the competition and visually support your property descriptions. Well composed visuals can allow your audience to experience your rental property, see the views, tour the units, and emotionally bond before they even book a stay. In fact, great photography can influence a renter to choose your property over your competitors!

The Value of Professional Photography

Studies have shown that visuals have a 20-second window for capturing the attention of an audience. Professional photography can capture your potential renter’s attention and compel them to read more about your property. Bad photography, dark or blurry images, can absolutely negatively affect bookings. Poor images give viewers a sense that the even a luxury property is unreliable or conveys negative qualities. Professional images provide prospects with a positive first impression that can drive bookings. When it comes to online booking platforms like Expedia,, HomeAway and other online agents, professional photographs can facilitate higher rankings which translate to more exposure for your properties on the site. Professional photographers understand what images sell. They will style and stage your property, know the best angles to capture each room’s character, and can edit images in post-production to create the perfect image.

Images You Should Include

Today, most vacation research and bookings happen online. Professional photography is even more important if your business focuses on online rentals. Guests want to know what they are booking so depict your properties through a wide variety of images. This will result in increased bookings. Including a wide selection of professionally shot images can increase engagement with viewers.

Your images should include:

  • Multiple shots of the kitchen
  • Living room
  • Bedroom(s)
  • Bathrooms(s)
  • Outdoor areas to highlight pools & hot tubs
  • Outdoor space like gardens or scenic mountain or beach views
  • Floor plans
  • Virtual Tours

We all want to highlight the beautiful views from the property, however, be cautious of sun exposure. Too much sun exposure through the windows in the property can create a blurry image or a glare that distracts the viewer. You want to make sure you actually receive a clear view out the window through the photo. If the sun is too bright and creates a glare, then simply adjust the blinds or window treatment. If you want to give your visitors an idea of your properties at twilight, there’s a new service that can help you give your viewers a different perspective. Check out TruPlace Twilight as a way to get even more from your professional photography. The bottom line, make sure you hit all the high points with your properties… inside and out!

One other item to keep in mind is the type of angle the photo taken from. A wide angle does not always depict a larger room or make the space look bigger than it really is. Angles are important to ensure you’re capturing the appropriate viewpoint of the room and taking into account lighting, shadows, sun exposure, etc. A professional photography will certainly know the best angle!

Here are some Property Management Companies that partner with Xplorie that have mastered the art of professional photography when presenting their properties online:

Beach Properties

Forever Vacation Rentals is a family owned & operated boutique company located on the stunning Emerald Coast of Florida! They successfully manage properties located from 30A to Destin!

Ski Properties

Stay in Lake Tahoe Rentals offers a wide variety of rental properties; specializing in vacation rentals, ski leases, and long term rentals. With over 40 years experience they know what it takes to run a successful vacation rental management company. They provide a multitude of lodging options including condos, cottages, cabins and luxury homes all located on the serene North and West Shores of Lake Tahoe.

Mountain Properties

Auntie Belham’s Cabin Rentals offers the finest TN Cabins, Pigeon Forge Cabin rentals, and Cabin Rentals Gatlinburg TN in the Smoky Mountains. Nestled in the Great Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee, Auntie Belham’s is the best place to go for your vacation. Enjoy your vacation, family reunion, honeymoon, golf trip or any other occasion for lodging at Auntie Belham’s Realty & Nightly Rentals. Let them help you plan your Smoky Mountain cabin getaway!

Professional Images Support Your Pricing and Brand Image

High-quality photography shows your commitment to and pride in your properties. Beautiful photographs support your brand image and can help build trust. People want to stay in a beautiful property and appreciate an owner who invests in quality.

Your photographs can justify charging higher prices by capturing the luxury of your units, and the family-friendly nature of your property. Renters are willing to spend a little more if your photography highlights a modern, luxury vacation experience. The reverse also applies. If you charge high prices and use poor quality photography, bookings will suffer.

The bottom line, the money you put into professional photography will allow you flexibility in your pricing structure. The better the photos, the more bookings. Higher demand equals higher booking rates!

Professional photography is a bit of an investment, but the returns are more than worth the price. With high-quality photography, you’ll rank higher with online travel agents, support your description of your properties, bolster engagement, and increase bookings. It’s a smart approach to marketing your vacation properties!