The Easiest Way to Set Up a Family-Friendly Property

April 27, 2022

2022 will see exponential growth in family travel, as many take the opportunity to reconnect. Larger vacation rentals are predicted to thrive as mixed-generation groups plan to travel together and make up for lost time. Even smaller properties set up for families of 4/5 are set to perform well this year, providing they supply great family experiences. 

61% of travelers plan to use future travel for family time. So, with this in mind, how can you tailor your properties to attract these guests and maximize your bookability? We’ve put together a practical guide on how you can get started:


Top 5 essentials for a family-friendly property 

Know your customer. Families are undefinable. A single parent could be traveling with their child, or a host of extended family groups with mixed generations could be staying together. But, how do you cater to all of those possibilities? Cover every base with these simple tips: 

 1. Health and safety – 55% of families are paying more attention to regulations when traveling than in previous years, so be sure to keep your policies up to date. 

Only advertise your property for the occupancy levels it can safely accommodate. Show how rooms are set up for maximum numbers with detailed photography, so families can pre-plan arrangements. 

Evaluate your property and specify what ages it’s appropriate for in listings. For example, a property with a balcony might not be safe for those with younger children, or one with steep stairs may not suit senior citizens.

2. Communal areas – Those larger groups of mixed-generation families will want to spend their time reconnecting. Make your properties welcoming for family gatherings with big inside/outside seating and dining spaces to attract these groups

For an extra special atmosphere, add a warming log fire they can gather around with drinks or a hot tub for relaxing once the kids have gone to sleep. Most importantly, create homey, comfortable spaces and showcase these in the listings with high-quality photos.

3. AmenitiesKit out your property for a family. Think about what you’d want a vacation rental to provide if you were a parent/carer traveling with children? Would you like it to have a selection of movies you could watch together on a cozy evening, a variety of toys to keep the kids occupied while you make dinner, or a cot, so you don’t have to bring your own?

Provide free Wi-Fi! Whether it’s for the hyper-connected teenagers who snap a photo and update the world on every step of their trip (which could work in your favor if you are on social media), or for the remote working parent, it’ll benefit visiting families. With more than 60% of employers expecting to use a hybrid work model this year, it’s likely parents may be on the lookout for quiet workspaces too!

Remember, this is about making the trip as easy, smooth, and enjoyable as possible for all family members. If you’re unsure, ask families you know to try out your property and feedback with their ideas.

4. Help plan their itinerary – Travelers visiting the area might not know local attractions or venues on offer. Make their trip effortless by providing information on family-friendly activities and restaurants.

The US Family Travel Survey shows more than half (51%) of traveling families plan to include theme/water park attractions in their vacation over the next twelve months. Get the edge over competitors and appeal to these guests through partnerships with trusted, local attraction providers as recommended by Xplorie.

These partnerships mean you can offer free fun or discounts to guests every day of their stay. Since families have a lot of people to cater for, a small discount can go a long way.

56% of families are extra aware of cancellations policies, so assure them with the support of a Vacation Specialist who will handle any changes.

5. Connected trip – Simplify the guest experience. A parent’s priority is their children. They don’t have time to use multiple platforms to plan all the elements of their trip. So, make this as convenient as possible for them by offering a connected platform where they can book, stay, plan day activities, and check out all in one place. Tech such as in-room voice assistant SmartHost, can satisfy guest queries or aid in booking local attractions, creating a seamless.

Families tend to be your most loyal customers, who become repeat guests if they have a great first experience. They’re also likely to recommend vacations they’ve loved with other families they know back home!

Many businesses in the vacation rental sector are targeting the family market this year – get in on the act and attract these travelers to your properties. Large communal areas will attract those multi-generational families, and incredible memories at rentals and attractions will keep them coming back!


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