The Benefits of Automation in the Vacation Rental Industry

February 22, 2021

The travel industry took a knock last year in a pandemic that caused many challenges and added pressures to running a vacation rental business. But, despite the rise in cases, fluctuating travel restrictions, and uncertain vaccine timelines, our industry is bouncing back with new travel and market trends bringing encouragement for the future.

Automation is the Way Forward!

Automation, artificial intelligence, and smart digital strategies are having an effective impact on the vacation rental industry, with innovative solutions to adapt to and meet the demands of our new norm. The pandemic substantially strengthened the competition, don’t get left behind!

To stay ahead, boost your bottom line and remain competitive in our fast-evolving industry, it’s important to automate each aspect of your vacation rental business. Innovative and life-changing technologies emerge on a daily basis so keep your finger on the pulse, identify opportunities and implement change. Every switch you make from manual to automation gives you more time to focus on the human touch and enhance the guest experience.

Automated Office: Traveler confidence is yet to fully recover and guests are wanting an extra dose of attention and reassurance. Remote working may have put pressure on your team as vacation rental managers have seen higher call volumes and guest inquiries (and concerns!). Give your team the tools to streamline and improve your daily back-office processes and workflows. Automation allows for an efficient and productive workforce without overburdening your team, allowing for saved time to focus on guest satisfaction.

Website & PMS: Implementing vacation rental software with an optimized website is the road to success! This enables guests to book direct online, listings to be updated in real-time across all channels, automated guest communication, an enhanced guest experience from the first point of contact, and so much more! Your website is your business card, a guest’s first impression of your brand, and professionalism. Use it to share your local expertise, upsell with add ons, car rentals, tours and activities, and build trust in your vacation rental market.

CRM: Guest communication is one of the most important aspects of your business and any reputable PMS will have an automated CRM. A streamlined and automated CRM enables you to communicate effectively with your guest from inquiry to departure, and for future marketing, promotions and specials. Personalize your templates, plan your timing so not to inundate your guests, and make a good first impression with smart communication.

Financial Tools: Again, any reputable PMS should have automated accounting solutions and a financial reporting module. This allows you to sync between the modules, automate the collection and remittance of taxes and save hours of time manually balancing the books.

Cleaning & COVID PPE: Guests are expecting higher levels of cleanliness with the threat of COVID-19. Health and safety are a top priority for vacation rentals and this too can be automated. Automate your COVID protocols and housekeeping services with technology to keep your guests and staff safe. Innovative apps and software are emerging that allow you to send out online health surveys to your guests prior to arrival, manage health screening, keep track of your PPE supplies and home inventory, track data and automatically reorder. Reassure your guests and staff they are safe.

Smart Home Automation: As travelers remain concerned about COVID, software solutions and automation tools that allow you to manage your vacation rental remotely and limit guest contact are key. You can automate the guest experience from start to finish with intelligent home features and smart amenities. Home security, smart locks, noise sensors, self-check-in, custom voice assistants, digital local area guides, and the list goes on! Elevate the guest experience with smart home automation and save time in the process. It’s a win-win!

Stay on the lookout for new technology trends and invest in the future of your vacation rental business, build your brand and guest loyalty, increase efficiency, save time and money, and stay competitive. Automation is the future!