Prepare Your Vacation Rentals for Work-cations

September 9, 2020

Working remotely has increased in popularity over the years even before the days of COVID-19.  There’s no question that people are living differently now, working, and learning from their homes, so it is no surprise that “work-cations” are now trending among American travelers as they take their remote jobs on the road. No longer bound by their location, work-cationers are looking for drive-to markets with picturesque landscapes to host their trips ranging anywhere from one week to a month in length. New data from Airbnb shows that the volume of guests in the US working remotely has tripled from last year. For many businesses temporary forced remote work has led them to make the transition permanent, with increasing productivity and decreasing overhead costs. Guests are opting for vacation rentals so they can travel and be just as safe as they are in their own homes. Capture the attention of work-cationers by preparing your rentals for the remote workforce.

In a recent survey from HomeToGo, 66% of people plan on working remotely during their next trip, and 74% who traveled over Labor Day Weekend took their work on the road.

Are Travelers Working on Vacation?

Office Space

Designate a workspace in your vacation rental by providing a desk or sturdy table that guests can work on. If space is limited, offer a lap desk or a wall-mounted desk. Provide a comfortable office chair and supplies such as pens and paper. Make sure your Wifi is strong and can be accessed in all parts of the rental.  The location of your office area is important too, place your office space near a window or somewhere well lit and spacious. If possible also provide an outdoor work area. A great set up can keep your work-cationers coming back throughout the year. Stock up on coffee and tea as well!

Work Hard, Play Hard

Provide free activities or activity suggestions to your guests so when they take a break from work they can explore the area with their family. While companies in recovery have increased employee workloads you can offer them a way to join their loved ones for some much-needed fun and still complete their daily work tasks without skipping a beat. After a long day of hard work, work-cationers are looking for the opportunity to play just as hard.

Promote Your Listings

Market your listings to target the remote workforce. Provide plentiful photos or a virtual tour of your rental. Highlight your designated work area and stage it appropriately. Market any new and helpful technology in the home along with your WiFi range to reassure them you are equipped with everything they need to have a productive and fun trip. Choose a light and spacious area for your office space and show the guest that it will be inspiring to work in your rental. Promote your cleaning services as well, as guests are looking to stay as safe as possible during these times.

Longer Stays

It is becoming increasingly popular for work-cationers to look for vacation rentals, as opposed to hotels, with flexible rates for longer stays that will allow them to extend their trip without breaking the bank. Look toward creating more customize and flexible rate plans. For example, is introducing two new rate plans that satisfy the new demand.

It is also important to highlight any local delivery services, print shops, shipping hubs, and even the best coffee shops around. Work-cationers are looking for a getaway but still want to know they are covered when it comes to having everything they need to get their work done.

With the remote workforce growing, vacation rentals have become even more popular for many reasons, people want a change of scenery, amenities, and the privacy of a home away from home. While your standard vacationer may visit your rental once a year, the work-cationer, if marketed to properly could visit multiple times a year. Market to the remote workforce by highlighting important details in your rental like designated work areas, vivid descriptions of the local scenery or views, area guides, and plenty of amenities to make your guests’ work-cation productive and fun.