Marketing Vacation Rentals to Gen Z: Welcome to the Future

October 1, 2019

How to Capture Generation Z’s Interest

Those born between 1996 and 2016 are collectively known as Gen Z. They are beginning to graduate college and enter the workforce. The first generation to have been raised on the internet, they are social media masters who have been uniquely influenced by the technology they’ve grown up with.

Disregarding this generation or labeling them as social media “addicts” with short attention span is shortsighted. According to Forbes magazine, this generation will make up about 20% of the workforce by the year 2021. Their influence technologically and economically will shape the future of the world as their spending power increases.

Developing your digital marketing strategy and website with this generation in mind will keep your brand at the forefront with this rising consumer base. To communicate effectively with Gen Z you need to create a brand experience that is relevant and your website is the perfect opportunity.

How to Communicate Effectively With Gen Z

The first digitally native generation, Gen Z currently accounts for 32% of the global population. The most ethnically and racially diverse generation, they are poised to be the highest spending consumer group in the world.

Their purchasing power is estimated to be over $44 billion today, and they currently make up such a large portion of online sales that you can’t afford to overlook them when marketing your vacation rental business.

Gearing your website toward this generation provides you the opportunity to increase sales and give your brand greater authority and recognition.

Known for taking a cautious approach, this generation came of age in the post-2008 recession so they have come to appreciate comfort and stability. They understand the importance of planning for the future. They are smart, motivated, entrepreneurial and know how to harness technology and social media to learn, earn, and influence their peers.

Winning Over A Generation

Winning this generation starts with mindful website design. Gen Z are big users of mobile technology. Make sure your vacation rental website is optimized using responsive design. They also have a short attention span (about 8-seconds), so if your site is slow to load, they will click off to a competitor.

Create a website that uses a minimalist design that is sleek, impactful and highlights all the reasons you stand out from your competition. When it comes to spending, Gen Z, like Millennials, are more interested in experiences, than “stuff.” Focus on the experiential aspects of your properties. This will create interest and draw them farther into your site.

For more impact with this generation, think videos and moving imagery. Gen Z spends a lot of time on channels like YouTube and video is an excellent way to transmit a lot of information quickly, which appeals to the Gen Z need for instant gratification. In short, create a visually pleasing website that offers a personalized experience. This is what Gen Z is seeking.

Keep it Real!

Gen Z demands brand authenticity and flexibility. Today, selling doesn’t work. What does work is one-on-one engagement and personalized conversation. It’s also important to highlight your company’s social and environmental efforts.

Gen Z is interested in contributing to positive change. Social and environmental responsibility are important qualities to promote. With their low tolerance for inauthenticity, to attract, engage and sell to this generation, you have to keep it 100% real!

Gen Z will take more of a role in influencing the world around us in the coming years. To prepare, you need to begin building connections now. The way to capture and keep this generation is by impressing them with a personal, innovative, authentic web experience that is superior to your competition.