GuestX Podcast – Launching July 14th!

July 8, 2021

Xplorie is excited to announce the July 14th, 2021, launch of “GuestX Podcast”, an upbeat and interactive podcast focused on the #1 topic of conversation in the hospitality industry, Guest Experience (GX).

Join hosts, Xplorie CEO Matthew Loney and founder of Allevo Homes, Brian Hamaoui, industry innovators with a passion for enhancing the guest experience and a wealth of knowledge in hospitality as they embark on a discovery of all things GX.

“Matt and I are two passionate people especially when it comes to Guest Experience within the hospitality industry. We wanted to start this podcast to uncover unique approaches to guest experiences, people, companies, technologies and even take some behind the scenes looks into what the industry could be seeing in the future of travel and guest experience.”

GuestX will host a variety of expert guest speakers to uncover the human-driven initiatives that continue to raise guest expectations, review new technologies driving the industry forward, discuss data-driven strategies for success, and build a community of partners passionate about creating excellent vacation experiences.

The pandemic has evolved the hospitality industry, redefining the guest experience, the way we engage with guests, and the importance of promoting our brands. If you are passionate about enhancing the guest experience, creating unique, memorable stays for your guests, standing out from the competition, and setting your business up for success, the GuestX podcast covers it all.

 “Coming from Xplorie where we live and breathe guest experience, the topic is one that I can’t get enough of, and I know Brian feels the same way. We love to talk about it, hear about it, and see it first-hand, so creating this podcast gives us the opportunity to dig into different topics with people around the industry that share our passion.  Brian and I have been fortunate enough to gather an amazing group of guests for the podcast, and I think we are all in store for some really great conversations and insights into guest experience in 2021 and beyond.”

Join us for inspiring insights on how to take your guest experience to a new level at or find us on your favorite podcast source.

Matt Loney

About Matthew Loney:

Matthew Loney is the President and CEO of Xplorie, the Nation’s leading guest experience platform in the leisure travel industry. As a leader and entrepreneur, Matthew thrives on leveraging his skills and experiences to find new ways of increasing revenue and customer retention in the travel and tourism industry.

Brian Hamaoui

About Brian Hamaoui:

Brian Hamaoui started his first management company in 2008, successfully growing from zero rentals to a successful sale in 2017. Brian sat on the Board of Directors for the Florida Vacation Rental Managers Association for 3 consecutive years and is also recognized for developing MyGuestbook. Brian since then has taken positions as GM of Business Dev at Bluetent, VP of Operations at Properly and VP of Business development and marketing at Ciirus Vacation Rental Software.

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