Enhance the Guest Experience with Luggage Shipping

June 7, 2021

The vacation rental industry has seen a major shift resulting from the side effects of COVID-19. Property managers have miraculously transformed from property providers to vacation rental gurus who specialize not only in property rentals but in their vacation destination, what it has to offer the guest and how their stay can be transformed for a true end-to-end enhanced guest experience.

Property Managers are no longer simply offering their guests a home. COVID-19 has drastically changed travel trends and with the boom of vacation rentals as a safe stay, guests have higher expectations and are looking to property managers for a complete vacation package. The face of our industry is changing, and we need to be fully equipped to stand out from the competition and offer our guests a vacation that brings them back for more!

Offering Luggage Shipping to your Guests

An easy way to enhance the guest experience is to offer as many added amenities and services as possible to make their vacation experience with you easy, simple, and hassle-free. The general population is tired, fed up staying home, missing family and friends, and ready to hit the road and enjoy a much-needed vacation. Set yourself apart, stand out from the competition, and offer a simple, easy-to-use luggage shipping solution that saves your guests time, money, and a huge dose of sanity! Adding innovative guest services to your offerings optimizes the guest experience, but there are benefits for the property manager too!

Enhance the Guest Experience

Traveling is not all glamorous! Most travelers will tell you negotiating airports is the least favorite part of their vacation, and COVID-19 has made it even harder. Enhance the guest experience by eliminating the hassle of busy airports, long queues, and crowded baggage claim and offering your guests door-to-door luggage and sports equipment collection and delivery. Make their journey easier, simple, and hassle-free.

Upselling Guest Services Drive Bookings

Guest expectations have increased substantially and offering guest services and benefits that add value to the guest experience sets you apart to stand out from the competition and drive more bookings. Guests staying with you will have the option to ship their bags, ski equipment, or sports gear with added peace of mind.

Improve Your Reviews

Happy Guests = Repeat Guests & Good Reviews! A satisfied guest is an asset and positive guest reviews are a powerful tool to earn repeat guests and attract new. The short-term industry trends have changed as a result of the pandemic and guests are seeking a seamless stay with cleanliness and convenience ranking as top priorities. Give you reviews a boost by offering luxury guest benefits to optimize the guest stay.

Choosing a Luggage Delivery Service

There are a variety of options for reliable and cost-effective luggage shipping solutions in the US and internationally. It’s important to choose a company with a good reputation and customer reviews that will service your guests with the same loyalty and customer care as you.

Luggage Forward: Luggage Forward is the industry leader in luggage shipping and an exclusive provider to 80% of the world’s luxury cruise lines. They have over 7,000 reviews on Trustpilot with an impressive rating for both punctuality and service. Luggage Forward ships your bags and gear domestically and internationally with door-to-door collection and delivery, completed shipping labels and customs documents, and guaranteed on-time delivery. An easy and convenient luggage solution with online booking, tracking, and 24-hour customer service.

Lugless: Skip the stress and ship your luggage with Lugless, the budget branch of Luggage Forward that lets you ship your luggage for the price of checking a bag, or less! Drop your bags at a local UPS or FedEx location (Lugless will find you the cheapest price) and delivery to your vacation rental is free of charge. You can track the progress of your delivery online from start to finish and upgrades are available for additional coverage of your belongings.

Luggage Free: Luggage Free is a respected and reputable luggage delivery service, best for white-glove customer service with a high Trustpilot rating and a dedicated specialist to ensure a hassle-free experience. Luggage Free ships your bags, oversized sports equipment, and personal belongings door to door (domestically and internationally) using reputable companies such as FedEx, UPS, and DHL. All your shipping labels and customs documents are prepared, on-time delivery is guaranteed with a full, money-back guarantee and additional compensation on every bag, and you can track the progress of your delivery online from start to finish.

Luggage to Ship: For the best budget option for shipping to international destinations, look no further than Luggage to Ship. Luggage to Ship claims to save travelers more than 70% in shipping costs using an algorithm to find you the cheapest possible price between FedEx and DHL to more than 220 countries. You’ll receive printed shipping labels for your shipping items and can choose from door-to-door delivery and collection or save money and pick up and drop off at your nearest FedEx or DHL location. For peace of mind, you can track the status of your luggage shipment online.

DUFL: Simplify your business travel with DUFL’s premium storage and shipping service and personal valet for business travelers. DUFL is the best luggage shipping solution for business travelers saving busy corporates time (and money) on their business trips. The process is simple! Register with DUFL, they will clean and store your clothes in both a physical and virtual closet, download the app, and all your packing is done virtually. Your suitcase will be delivered to your destination, then collected, professionally cleaned, and safely stored for your next business trip. No packing, no laundry, no baggage check-in, just arrive and the rest is ready for you.

DUFL Sports: DUFL Sports is a luggage shipping solution geared specifically for sports enthusiasts heading out of town in search of outdoor adventures. From professional golfers to ski bums and mountain biking enthusiasts, DUFL Sports caters to anyone wanting to ship their sports gear and equipment on a is so popular they created a dedicated app for handling oversized equipment for sports enthusiasts heading out on vacation, both domestically and internationally. Following the same process as their business service, DUFL Sports will inventory, photograph, and store your equipment in your virtual closet, ready for your next vacation.

Send my Bag: If you’re a traveling student, this is a great shipping option with a 10% discount for students. Send my Bag is a UK-based company that began as a simple and affordable shipping solution for international students moving between countries. Today, Send my Bag does door-to-door delivery of suitcases, boxes, and sports equipment to over 100 countries. They offer an express service, best price guarantee, complimentary insurance cover, online tracking, and a money-back guarantee on delivery.

Bags: Bags partner with many of the major airlines and offer a seamless luggage delivery service with a wide range of traditional services and unique offerings to ease your travels. They provide remote airline check-in, a VIP luggage service with delivery within 100 miles of the airport, airport wheelchair assistance, valet parking, and real-time tracking of your bags and sports equipment. If you chose to not use a shipping service and your bags get lost or delayed, contact Bags they’ll track them and have them delivered to you at your destination.