Delivering Remarkable Experiences Is How You Win More Customers
Delivering Remarkable Experiences Is How You Win More Customers

To stand out in today’s rapidly diversifying consumer environment, offering great services just isn’t good enough anymore; your services also need to be remarkably different from anything that is offered by the competition. Since plenty of vacation property management companies offer services that are the same basic quality, uniqueness is the driving factor that will determine the success of your rentals in the social media age.

If your rental is so remarkable that a savvy millennial feels like it’s worthy of their Instagram feed, you’ve achieved the effect that will make or break the enduring success of your vacation property management business. To help you align with the emerging remarkability-centered consumer dynamic, here are three examples of companies that have worked hard to make their customer experiences memorable and share-worthy:

Goop Treats Customers like Trusted Friends

Goop, which is Gwyneth Paltrow’s pet company, has taken a unique approach to making their customers feel like they are part of the family. This nine-year-old company recently tripled its revenue, which means that Goop has tapped into a factor that every vacation property management expert should try to understand.

By treating their customers like trusted friends and giving them all of the context that they need to understand the value of the products that Goop offers, this trend-setting company makes customers feel empowered. This marketing approach also gives customers plenty of interesting industry-specific information that makes them feel like insiders when they share it with their friends. Goop’s approach is an example of the recent resurgence of rational marketing, which uses facts instead of emotions to build strong customer relationships.

Ritz-Carlton Empowers Their Employees

The torchbearers of the Ritz-Carlton brand have always made it their agenda to deliver services that are above and beyond the expectations of their customers. Certainly, none of the guests at this chain of upscale hotels were expecting Ritz-Carlton to authorize their employees to spend up to $2,000 on each guest per day.

However, doing so allows employees at the Ritz to make customers feel special, and this special feeling almost invariably translates into viral reviews on platforms like Yelp and new followers on Ritz-Carlton’s Facebook and Twitter profiles. If you want to generate memorable experiences as a vacation property management professional, unshackle your employees to provide the types of services that will leave a lasting impression.

Nike Creates Customer-Centered Events

Nike recently took the advertising process out of print and online platforms and inserted it into neighborhoods around the world in a very physical way. To promote their new Nike React line, this multinational corporation set up temporary “House of Go” structures in various major cities.

Nike then invited random passersby into these structures, which contained various themed “rides” that helped potential customers better understand the features of this new line of running shoes. Social media posts about this marketing ploy quickly went viral, which just goes to show that representing your brand in a novel way generates interest like no other advertising method.

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