Boost Your Guests Travel Confidence With the Pandemic Report App

February 1, 2021

Many were hoping that ringing in the New Year would mean saying goodbye to 2020 and the destruction the coronavirus spread brought with it. However, while signs of a strong recovery are evident, there is a second wave spreading fast across the globe and COVID-19 looks like it is staying a little longer.

The recent, welcoming news of a COVID-19 vaccine brings hope and a sense of freedom desperately lacking in the past year and has boosted traveler confidence with metasearch engines reporting a huge spike in travel searches since the vaccine news broke. However, travelers first priority still remains the assurance that they are protected and safe on their vacation.

COVID-19 has accelerated the growth of digital technologies as consumer behavior has shifted gears and a new way of doing both B2B and B2C business has emerged. Companies are focused on rethinking their business models, creating solutions to adjust to a new norm and incorporating artificial intelligence and new technologies into their business model. We’ve been forced to think fast, act smart and fast-track our road maps to keep up with the changing times.

Smart devices allow for social distancing and minimized contact, chat rooms and video conferencing make for easy remote working and home-schooling, and COVID-19 related apps keep us up to date and add an extra layer of protection as we tread slowly and travel safely.

Give Guests Peace of Mind & Confidence

What if you could give your guests extra peace of mind and confidence to travel safely during a pandemic? Thanks to the Pandemic Report, a software for safer travel, you can! Pandemic Report is another powerful tool for property managers to add to their website to report current COVID-19 statistics and real-time alerts for your vacation destination. It allows your guests to stay informed, determine the level of risk in your destination and offer local health information before travelling. What an awesome add-on feature to offer visitors to your website!

Pandemic Report draws official COVID-19 data from various sources including John Hopkins University and the CDC and delivers real-time assessments, pandemic forecasts and hot-spot reporting based on advanced machine learning and physics-based modeling. This may sound complicated (and it is), but for the property manager it is easy! Simply embed the code into your property descriptions and website and you’re able to offer your guests a wealth of up to date information at their fingertips.

While giving the guest an extra level of protection and peace of mind, this is a feature that also affirms that your company cares not only about occupancy, but guest safety. The benefits to you, the property manager? Pandemic Report improves listing quality, increases reviews and in turn increases conversion rates and your bottom line.

“Travelling is no longer just getting a car, and a flight, and accommodations, there’s also this need to feel safe and secure as well, and travelers are getting this information from somewhere. So alongside the explanation of the enhanced cleaning practices and no contact check-in, give your customers the peace of mind that their destination is lower risk, in most cases, than staying home.” – Taylor Presley, CEO, Pandemic Report

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As we strive to remain agile in our approach to a new way of travel, staying up to date with new technologies and trends ensures a competitive edge. Why send your guests anywhere else for updates, information and travel news when your website can be a one stop shop for all!