5 Easy Welcome Basket Ideas to Impress Your Guests

December 23, 2019

Simple Gestures Improve Guest Experience

As a vacation rental property manager, to stand out from the competition you need to think about the guest experience. Guests want to feel that they have gotten value beyond the property. How you treat guests throughout the booking and check-in process can add that value.

Welcome baskets are an inexpensive, cost-effective way to give your guests a pleasant beginning to their stay.

Simple gestures can improve your guests’ experience, as well as increase your chances of being referred to family and friends. Here are five easy welcome basket ideas that will impress and delight your guests!

1. A Relaxation Basket

You can create a simple, inexpensive basket that can impress your guests and give them an extra dose of relation on their vacation.


  • A good morning basket with coffee, tea, cereal, and muffins
  • A basket with bath salts, luxury bath products, essential oil candles and a bottle of locally produced wine

2. A Family-Friendly basket

Include coloring books and crayons for the kids, playing cards, a board game, and chocolates in this basket.

Buying a large number of non-perishables can help you to significantly reduce costs. Make it look good by putting everything in a cute wicker basket with colored paper and a personalized welcome card.

3. A “Themed” Welcome Basket

Do you manage a ski chalet, a woodland cabin, or beachfront property? Create a themed welcome basket that features location-appropriate items. Ski Chalet? Try a basket with hot cocoa, or mulled wine or cider. Beachfront cottage? Think sunscreen, a boogie board, or inflatable beach balls. Try to provide gifts that your guests may find usable, but may have forgotten to pack.

4. A Basket The Features Local Items

This is a great way to feature local products and provide guests with a memento of their trip! If there is a unique local food product, like local honey or locally brewed beer, creating a basket with these items can introduce your guests to the best your area has to offer. Include keepsakes, like magnets, postcards or keychains that represent your local area.

5. Activities & Places to Eat Basket

You should be providing your guests with a welcome book that highlights local attractions, where to find the best shopping, and a map showing the location of the best restaurants in town. Along with the map, you can include a gift card to your favorite local restaurant or, if you’re an Xplorie partner, include information about the free activities they receive with your Xplorie program. If you manage upscale properties, a great way to make your guests feel special is to provide pick up or drop off service to the airport. While this is a slightly costlier option, it’s a luxury service that will get you referrals.

Creating a positive guest experience can be enhanced by the simple gesture of offering a warm welcome with a gift basket.

It lets your guests know that they’re special to you, and can give them a pleasant surprise to start their vacation. It’s an inexpensive way to generate word-of-mouth referrals that can help you build your business.