3 Simple Ways to Improve Vacation Rental Guest Satisfaction

October 11, 2019

In today’s competitive vacation rental industry it’s important to make your properties stand out from your competitors. With dynamic pricing, competing on price alone is no longer viable. You need to look beyond price to make your properties stand out. Your guests are looking forward to their time with you. They expect everything to go according to plan giving them the time and space they need to relax and enjoy time with their family. One way to exceed guest expectations is to provide exemplary customer service. Customer service is a competitive differentiator that costs you little to nothing but can make your brand stand out with your guests.

How To Increase Guest Satisfaction

Here are some tips for increasing the level of your customer service to provide guests with a vacation experience that will turn them into enthusiastic vocal proponents of your brand!

1. Keep Them Informed

Remember, your guests are probably staying in an unfamiliar home in an unfamiliar area. Pump up your customer service by providing them with as much information as possible about the property and where it’s located.

  • Let your guests know where the best restaurants, bars, and nightspots are located and provide directions.
  • Inform them if there are any special sights or particularly beautiful beaches.
  • Include helpful information on the house like instructions for appliances, or how to set the thermostat.
  • Provide them with online links or leave them a detailed book for when they check-in.

The goal here is to make your guests feel at home from the minute they arrive!

2. Streamline Logistics Whenever Possible

Booking a vacation takes is a lot of work. All your guests want to do is check-in and relax, but first, they have to sign the lease, make payments, and get keys before they can relax.

It’s your job to make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible. If they prefer a specific method for payment, work with them. If they prefer a hard copy lease, as opposed to an electronic one, enclose a stamped self-addressed envelope. Make sure they have everything they need throughout their stay with you.

Remember, your guests have a limited time to relax and enjoy their vacation. Make it as easy as possible for them to get started!

3. Make Your Unit Picture Perfect!

It pretty much goes without saying, your rental unit should be spotlessly clean for your guests. That means you need to go above and beyond when preparing for a visitor. Try this trick – include something that appeals to each of the five senses, For example:

  • Use appropriate decorations, colors, and lighting.
  • Open the windows and let in the fresh ocean or mountain air to lighten the scent in the home.
  • Supply soft blankets and plush towels.
  • Have a white-noise machine playing soothing sounds.
  • A simple mint on the pillows, or welcome basket with coffee and muffins for their first morning is a wonderful way to arrive.

The smallest touches can go a long way towards making your guests feel welcome and at home. Ideas like this can take your guest experience from good, to absolutely incredible.

Exemplary customer service can differentiate your properties from your competitors.

By engaging with your guests from their first contact through check-out, and providing amenities beyond the basics, you can exceed their expectations. You can even go the extra mile and include a little something extra to let them know you value their business. Whether it’s a bottle of locally produced wine for the newlyweds or boogie boards for the kids, small steps can give you customers for life!