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Mobile Text Summary Terms & Conditions:
You will receive up to 3 messages per month from Xplorie. Message & Data Rates May Apply. This service is available for subscribers on AT&T, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile®, Sprint, Virgin Mobile USA, Cincinnati Bell, Centennial Wireless, U.S. Cellular®, Boost, MetroPCS, and others in the US. The wireless carriers are not liable for delayed or undelivered messages. User will receive SMS MT if the device does not support MMS. For help in the US, text HELP to 94479. You may also email marketing@xplorie.com or call (850)502-4866. You may stop mobile subscription at any time by sending text message STOP to Short Code 94479 in the US. Your phone must have text messaging capability. Terms on this page apply to subscribers who sign up for distribution lists managed by users of the Xplorie service.

The process to Unsubscribe From Xplorie:
All subscribers have the ability to unsubscribe or change their personal subscription settings at any time.

To unsubscribe for:

You may also call Xplorie at (850)502-4866 to unsubscribe at any time.

If you believe that your contact information was collected by an Xplorie user without your consent and would like to report spam, please call (850)502-4866. When reporting the offending organization, please include the contact address or number that sent you the spam, the username of the sender, and the message or first few sentences of the message that you consider spam. Xplorie has a no tolerance spam policy.

Your Privacy
Xplorie may use or disclose information about you, including your personal information, under the following circumstances: