Xplorie Experience Pro

Xplorie creates unforgettable vacation experiences for the modern traveler.

The Next Level In Guest Experience

Xplorie partners with the best lodging providers and builds relationships with each destination’s top activities to provide the nation’s leading guest experience program. With the Xplorie Experience Pro package, our destination managers will work with you to create an activity program that fits your customers’ needs. All activities will then be available to your guests through the Xplorie Enabled Voice Assistant (XEVA) devices we provide for your rentals and on our easy to use mobile sites (not an app so no downloads required). And last but not least our seasoned vacation specialists will be a phone call away to book your guest’s activity reservations and answer any questions they may have.


Imagine the possibilities…

  • By providing complimentary activities you become a part of those best-in-life moments creating vacation memories that will last a lifetime for your guests.
  • Guests have easy access to top local activities at the push of a button on our easy to use program sites or through the Xplorie Enabled Voice Assistants located within their accommodations.
  • Our expert team of vacation specialists are standing by to make guest reservations and provide valuable area information.
  • Add immediate value for each guest and create brand ambassadors in the process.
  • Guests can enjoy access to curated local content daily with their Xplorie Enabled Voice Assistant devices wich can answer a variety of questions from property-specific questions like, “Alexa, what is the Wi-Fi password?” to, “Alexa, tell me about my complimentary activities.”
  • Xplorie Extras make it possible to diffuse property related issues before they begin, thereby saving our company exponentially each year in deep discounting. By sending your guest on an experience while they wait on an air conditioner repair for example, Xplorie can help turn a negative into a positive and build up your guest loyalty in the process.
  • Providing complimentary activities increases guest loyalty resulting in more direct bookings and increased margin through the reduction of distribution costs.
  • Stand out in channel with increased value, driving higher engagement and rankings on OTA’s.
  • Through XEVA devices guests can easily access information regarding onsite amenities, and add ons such as mid stay cleanings or beach setup.
  • Xplorie partners with the best activity providers in an area to develop a premium activity package for your guests.
  • Easy onboarding ensures your program is up and running in no time and you can start to reap the benefits.
  • Xplorie’s expert team provides all of the digital assets you will need for program success and maintains them throughout your partnership.
  • Update and/or modify information for one or all of your properties on XEVA devices in seconds.
  • Receive real-time check-out notifications.
  • XEVA devices field typical daily guest inquiries specific to your property helping you create a more efficient environment for your team and enabling them to reach higher levels of productivity than ever before.

Travelers today are seeking an all-inclusive vacation experience that enables them to enjoy the very best that a destination has to offer from the first day they arrive to the last day of their departure. With Xplorie you become much more than a place to stay, you are providing memories and moments that will last a lifetime.


Xplorie’s Vacation Specialist Call Center ensures that there is zero work on your end and that your guests receive consistently awesome experiences when they are ready to learn more about activities or book them. Happy guests make repeat guests, these are your brand evangelists… this is how your customers bring customers!

“It was great using this with our stay. It saved us money that we planned on spending anyways.”

_ Chris, Guest at iTrip Gatlinburg

“Xplorie, was an awesome perk, with two little kids, it saved us 50% most of the time. I will always seek properties that have the Xplorie benefit in the future.”

_Mitchell, Guest at Bear Camp Cabin Rentals

“Excellent service and great offers. It’s always nice to get free perks after spending so much money on a rental! Thank you!”

_Ann, Guest at Collins Vacations