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We have gathered some of the more frequently asked questions vacation rental managers ask when deciding if Xplorie is right for them to help you decide if we are right for you.

Xplorie is the nation’s leading provider of free-to-guest activity programs for the vacation industry. By building partnerships with vacation rental managers and tour and activity operators in an area, Xplorie provides properties a way to give vacationers a unique and  memorable experience that’s included as part of their stay – free admission to many of the most popular local activities and attractions an area has to offer. But it’s not just about the activities we are providing, it is about the memories we are facilitating. That is what builds brand recognition among travelers today.

Not only can Xplorie run side-by-side with your existing concierge program, Xplorie activity programs are more profitable and offer a unique set of benefits. Concierge programs can be costly and time consuming, especially when you have to become your own concierge/call center, and guests today have little interest in collecting loyalty points. Xplorie, however, is an instant loyalty solution for your guests, providing free activities every day and every time they stay. Xplorie’s free activities also provide a much better value proposition for the guests than the discounts typically provided by concierge programs, all while allowing you to focus on what you know best – lodging.

Yes, your dedicated sales representative will work with you to create an Xplorie program that is built to cater to your guests and their interests. If you think something is missing from our activities, we will also be happy to add to our activity partnerships so that your guests get the best experience possible.

We market Xplorie through various platforms to give your program the most exposure possible. Durring the shopping stage your potential guests will see digital ads, social ads, customized landing pages, and banners. Once they have booked they will recieve email corrospondence about the program as well as an inroom reminder once they arrive.

Durring the onboarding process you will be presented with a suite of marketing materials customized to your program including:

  • Unit title and description suggestions
  • Confirmation: this url can be embedded into your initial booking email so the guest knows right away how to get to the activity program details
  • Xplorie Card: this html will be added to one or more of your email triggers to go out two days prior to check in and then again during the stay if possible.
    The tags will be modified to your software and when properly implemented will auto populate the guests information. This card is to be shown at the activity for the guest to receive the activity.
  • Eblast: this email marketing piece can be sent out to your mailing list so that people know you are now including these free activities
  • Landing Page: This landing page can be added to your website following the included “read me” instructions, this way we will be able to maintain it from our side and you will not have any upkeep after the initial set up.
  • Web Button: Included are two web buttons for you to choose from to use on your site. Most often this is placed on the homepage and in the unit listings and then made to link out to the landing page. This gives potential guests easy access to the activities they could have if they book with you.
  • Social Media: This file contains images of your chosen Activity Providers that have been sized and approved specifically for each of the following social media platforms; Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, & Twitter. Please use these images when promoting your program on social media.

No work is needed after the initial set up. Xplorie handles all of the work – from inbound activity calls to building your program from the ground up, saving your staff time and saving you money.

With Xplorie’s dedicated Implementation Team, the onboarding process is simple. Existing markets take just 45 days and new markets 3 to 6 months. What’s more, with API integrations with many of the most popular property management software programs on the market (including V12, Escapia, Property Plus, Streamline, Brightside, and VRM, just to name a few), the process of implementing your Xplorie activity program has never been easier.

Generation Z will be the largest generation by the year 2020. With an estimated $143 billion in buying power, it is important to start opening up to new ideas in the way of guest experience and activity based travel. Keeping your property current and connected will be more important than ever, especially on social channels.

Need More Information?

Just ask us! We would love to hear from you…
(866) 546.1534

Need More Information?

Just ask us! We would love to hear from you…

With our unique business model Xplorie is able to put you in front of travelers and families nationwide in search of not only activities but destinations and accommodations as well!

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