4 Ways Voice Technology will Revolutionize Vacation Rentals

November 25, 2019

Voice search technology is no longer a hype. It has seriously impacted the success of brands with more businesses continuing to adopt it. According to a prediction by ComScore, 50% of searches will be done through voice by 2020.

And this voice technology may be the key to help property managers delight travelers and earn better ratings. So, what can voice technology do for you as a vacation rental property manager?

1. ‘Smart Home’ Away from Home

Vacation rentals provide the perfect getaways, boasting the sunny beach or the mountain scenery. But a dream vacation no longer relies on stunning views alone. With technology coming on strong, guests demand that today’s vacation rentals be fitted with voice-powered AI assistants. It’s an essential factor when considering a vacation rental.

At the command of your voice, you can get tasks done. Some of smart-home devices can be set to suit the guest’s specific needs such as:

  • Answering questions
  • Playing music, or podcasts
  • Controlling other devices in your space
  • Checking the weather

As a vacation manager, you should optimise on room service via voice search. This way, you’ll not miss out on the travelers who rely on this technology.

2. Everyday Tasks Made Easy

According to recent studies, an average host spends approximately 30-50 hours per month performing management duties. Guest services, which are often time-consuming, are traditionally handled by the rental’s front desk, but they can be programmed into voice assistants. Voice service is economical, freeing up the staff needed and connecting guests to what they’re searching for with immediacy and convenience.

This includes helping guests with things like:

  • House rules
  • The laundry instructions
  • How to operate different machines such as the dryer and washer
  • The Wifi password
  • Time check out
  • Or perhaps suggesting the best coffee shop

Ultimately, your travelers will have a great experience during their stay.

3. The New Way to Build Relationships

Property managers who aspire to have high quality interactions with their customers can use voice integration. Adding voice to vacation rentals helps you as the manager to make the most out of every stay. While it’s a new way to boost vacation rentals revenue through bookings, it also enables 5-star guest interactions. There’s ease of communication between the property managers and the guests.

4. Personalization Demonstrates Every Guest Matters

You can record voice access guide books allowing guests to get answers on common questions as well as recommendations. Furthermore, you can have personalized messages that highlight what a client likes or designed for a unique experience.

Imagine each of your travelers having:

  • Calendars and reminders set up
  • A list of their movies preconfigured
  • Favourite programs lined up
  • Alarms set

Each of your guests will feel valued and appreciated.

The Possibilities are Endless

Voice technology makes all the difference in vacation rentals. As a property manager, you ought to deal with any glitches. And what better way to make your guests’ stay hassle-free than by leveraging voice technology?

The future of voice search for vacation rentals is bright, but only if you embrace it. Incorporating voice solutions in your vacation rentals can be advantageous to owners, travelers, and you as their vacation rental property manager.