Xplorie’s Ultimate Vacation Rental Grocery Guide

June 15, 2021

Some of us love to cook, for other’s it’s a burden and something to leave behind when on vacation. Well, it’s your vacation too and if you’re the only cook in the family, it’s perfectly OK to down your tools, demand leisurely lunches on sunny outdoor patios, scrumptious curbside take-outs, or at home pizza deliveries. No one’s judging here!

We’re all spending a little more time at home, social distancing to avoid the crowds and preparing our own meals instead of eating out. Restaurants and outdoor patios are beginning to open up which is great news for those keen to sample local flavors and specialties, but there’s also something fun and special about whipping up home-cooked meals, BBQs on the deck, and creating memories with families and friends in the comfort of your vacation home.

Whether you’re traveling solo, on a romantic getaway, or a long-awaited family vacation, booking a vacation rental home, cabin, or condo with modern amenities, the comforts of home and a fully equipped (or even gourmet) kitchen is the safest way to vacation during the pandemic. This way you get to choose your level of comfort!

Packing for vacation can be stressful but navigating unfamiliar stores can be worse! Maybe you’re taking a road trip to a rural destination or a family vacation with fussy little critters. A little planning goes a long way, ensures you have all the family favorites, and saves precious vacation time to spend on fun vacation activities.

Plan Your Meals

Plan Your Menu

Plan your vacation meals ahead, even if it’s a rough draft. A meal planner helps to create a practical grocery list and is a great time to make your advance restaurant reservations (essential right now) and assign cooking duties if you’re traveling in a crowd. Plan easy meals like outdoor BBQs, one-pot recipes, or pre-ordered, chef-inspired meal kits.

Shopping List

Create a Vacation Shopping List

The next step is to create your vacation shopping list based on your menu. Start with snacks and drinks, the most important thing on vacation! Next up pantry staples required to prepare your meals and then the basics, fresh produce, meat, dairy, and treats and sweets, of course! If you’re planning picnics or easy clean up don’t forget the disposable paper goods.

Double Check Property Amenities

Professionally managed vacation rentals, more often than not, include the basic kitchen essentials (paper towels, dishwashing liquid, sponges, tin foil) and are pre-stocked with basic non-perishable items (tea, coffee, salt, pepper, spices, cooking oil). Find out from your host what is supplied with your rental, these can be crossed off your shopping list. If you’re traveling to a rural destination, is the water safe to drink? If not, is there a water filter, or do you need to purchase bottled water? Is the outdoor grill gas or charcoal? Do you need to buy charcoal and firewood, or is it provided?


Shop From Your Home Pantry First

If you’re driving, shop from your home pantry first. There’s no point buying when you’ve got a stocked pantry at home and the grocery stores in your vacation destination may not have your favorite, hard-to-find brands. Take the basic non-perishables or anything that is likely to expire from home. These too can now be crossed off your shopping list.

Farmers Market

Research Local Grocery Stores

Research the local stores (with a quick price check if you’re on a budget) to see what’s available and near your vacation rental. Shopping for fresh local produce in the markets and rural farm stands allows you to live like a local and experience the true personality of your vacation destination. Now you know your options, you can choose the best time, and way, to shop for your vacation groceries.

Grocery Delivery

Since the onset of COVID, grocery delivery has become far more popular, and this is a service offered by many property managers. If it’s an available option and the pricing is not outrageous, there is nothing better than arriving to a fully-stocked fridge and pantry. The best option for flying! Other alternatives are curbside pick-up prior to arrival or online services.


Personal Chefs

Research shows we’re all spending a little more on our vacations with an extra dose of pampering. Ask your host or property manager about local private chef services, put your feet up and let them do the rest.


Kitchen Supplies

Kitchen amenities are crucial! There is nothing more frustrating than arriving after a long journey to find you can’t open your favorite wine or carve your BBQ fillet. Inquire what amenities, kitchen tools, and cookware are in your vacation rental home to avoid disappointment. Crockpots and slow cookers are awesome for vacation meals, simply pack it out in the morning and arrive back to a home-cooked meal, a perfect vacation timesaver. You may need to consider packing a few items from home, smoothie makers, favorite knives, and coolers for the beach.

If you’re searching for the perfect vacation rental for your next getaway, look no further. Our participating Xplorie partners offer professionally managed vacation rentals in top vacation destinations across the US. When you stay with Xplorie you get the perks of a well-appointed vacation rental home with complimentary activities, attractions, and tours for each day of your vacation.

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