Xplorie Story: Sea Blaster Sunset Dolphin Cruise

July 18, 2018

By Angela Robinson

Hi y’all, my name is Angela Robinson. I live in Atlanta Georgia and I love the water. When I get a chance to vacation, I like to relax on the beach, experience any new things I can and just have fun. This spring, I booked a beach condo in Destin, Florida, on Xplorie.com.

My boyfriend, Ryan, and I stayed in Destin for four nights. Using Xplorie’s activity program, we did something new every day. I couldn’t believe how much I got to do for free. But, by far, my favorite activity was the Sunset Dolphin Cruise on the Destin Sea Blaster. In just a few hours, I saw more dolphins than I’d seen in my entire life. This is my Xplorie story.


We used the text information that was in our booking email to check out what free activities came with our condo. It was really easy to use and gave us all the key information like what to bring or how early to arrive. When we chose to go on the Sunset Dolphin Cruise on a Friday night I’d already heard that the Sea Blaster was very popular, so I made sure to reserve our seats a couple of days in advance. Since it was April, the weather was just perfect for us, not too cold, and not too hot.

When we got our tickets, the staff was super friendly. I went to the ticket desk and presented my Xplorie card, and right away, they recognized the Xplorie name, pulled up my reservation and seemed really happy to have us.

Once we came aboard we could sit wherever we wanted. The boat was really nice and stable, and there was a bathroom on board. We didn’t have to wait too long before we got on the water. The captain explained some basic safety procedures and what we were going to do. Before I knew it, we were flying across the Destin Harbor.

The fun starts right away! I had never been on a boat like the Sea Blaster before. It was fast and exciting. The water would splash up and cool you off. And even better, they served free beverages. Both Ryan and I chose Bud Light. You could drink as much beer, wine, water, and soda as you wanted.

The best way I could describe it is that it really felt like a casual party. The deck hands were constantly walking around asking who needed refills, so you weren’t wanting for drinks. Also, their music choices were great. They would play pumped up more exciting music whenever we would go faster, and then they played more laid-back casual music later on during the sunset portion.

As we were cruising around the harbor, it was really fun. They gave everyone crackers and let us feed the seagulls as they flew next to the boat. It was hilarious. We collected a huge flock, and the seagulls were diving down and snatching the crackers right out of our hands.

Spotting Dolphins Beneath the Bridge

After cruising the Destin Harbor, we went out into the water toward the bridge. That is when we started to see dolphins. We zipped around and got right up next to them. We saw so many dolphins in the water there!

The dolphins were excited, splashing and jumping. They hopped right up next to the boat and jumped out of the water. There were a few cute little baby dolphins with their mommas. They swam all around playing in the wake of the boat. There were at least a couple pods.

The dolphins were excited, splashing and jumping. They hopped right up next to the boat and jumped out of the water. There were a few cute little baby dolphins with their mommas. They swam all around playing in the wake of the boat. There were at least a couple pods.

After an hour or so of watching the dolphins play, we headed out farther into the water where it was quieter. As we got away from the bridge, the captain let the kids steer the boat, and they took pictures with the captain. They played fun music, and the Captain told jokes, gave us a ton of information about the area, and pointed out Crab Island, which is very shallow water where some boats go to park and hang out. The whole staff was really fun. They were walking around telling jokes and refilling our drinks.

A Romantic Sunset over the Water

When we got to the farthest point out, we started going really fast, The Sea Blaster is definitely a speed boat! The wind was whipping in my hair and the salt water was spraying up in our faces. My only previous experience on a boat had been at Disney World, and this obviously much, much faster. When I looked over at Ryan he had a big smile on his face, he has the need for speed for sure.

As soon, as the sun began to set, they parked the boat. It was beautiful, so fiery with a lot of brilliant oranges and reds. They played some nice, romantic music, and I cuddled up next to Ryan as we watched the sun go down over the water.

On the way back, we had fun with the super-fast boat. We relaxed and took in the sights, sounds, and sea air. It was special to be out on the water and see the area with my boyfriend. We spent the perfect amount of time on the water. We saw more dolphins than I expected, and we got a great sense of the Destin area that we wouldn’t have got on land. I would highly recommend the Sea Blaster Sunset Dolphin Cruise to anyone who visits Destin. We just had a wonderful time and that is my Xplorie Story!

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