Treat Yourself to a Wellness Retreat

February 16, 2021

We’ve been watching the travel trends closely during the COVID-19 pandemic. The travel industry has seen a drastic change in behavior with socially distanced road trips to outdoorsy destinations and safe vacation rental homes sitting high on the traveler preference chart. The Coronavirus pandemic has caused most, if not all of us, to analyze our daily lifestyle habits, seek out the simple pleasures in life and strive for the perfect work-life balance with a whole new perspective.

Wellness Travel is a top travel trend for 2021 and a recent study shows that 76% of travelers are looking to include a wellness activity on their next vacation. It’s no longer the destination’s top attractions that grabs a traveler’s attention, but the safe outdoor activities available to align with a healthy lifestyle and holistic wellness (the renewal of the mind, body and spirit).

Immunity-Boosting Wellness Retreats are booming across the globe with an enhanced focus on natural health remedies, wellness activities and maintaining a strong immunity in the midst of an unpredictable time. Heading to the Swiss Alps or a luxurious Mediterranean retreat is not an easy option right now with limited international travel, but there’s plenty of options to seek out wellness destinations and activities close to home, only a tank of gas away.

Kids running and having fun on the beach on Florida's Forgotten Coast

An Island Retreat

There is no need to hop on a plane for an island wellness retreat. St. George Island on Florida’s ‘Forgotten Coast” is an unspoiled destination where health and wellness comes naturally. This 28 mile long, 1 mile wide barrier island lies on the Gulf of Mexico with unspoiled nature, uncrowded natural beaches, an abundance of feel-good outdoor activities and laid-back Old Florida charm.

Begin your day with a gentle yoga class on a soft, sandy beach or an on the water yoga flow in the bay. Escape to the remote hiking trails and boardwalks of St. George Island State Park with nine miles of shoreline, pristine salt marshes, bay forests and natural dunes. Take a journey of St. George Island on a kayak, isolate yourself on a guided off-shore fishing charter, go in search of alligators and loggerhead sea turtles on an eco-tour and end your day with a sunset dolphin cruise. St George Island has no high rises, chain stores, traffic or crowds, a perfect wellness retreat on Florida’s “Forgotten Coast”.

Three women doing yoga on the beach

Beach & Bay

Escape the urban jungle and enjoy the best of both worlds. Delaware’s iconic beach towns are an easy two and a half hour road trip from Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington D.C. and boast miles of ocean and bay shoreline with the Atlantic Ocean on the east and Rehoboth Bay and Indian River Bay on the west. Scenic beauty, warm hospitality, natural wellness activities and a mild subtropical climate year round makes this an ideal wellness vacation destination.

Escaping into nature is naturally healing and you’re spoilt for choice on the Delaware Shores. Cape Henlopen State Park features six miles of shoreline, panoramic views from the WW2 observation tower and miles of trails through wetlands and coastal dunes. Or drive the narrow coastal highway in search of remote outdoor recreation at Delaware Seashore State Park with shallow bays for windsurfing and sailing, family-friendly trails for hiking, biking or horse-riding and scenic kayak eco-tours. Begin your day of wellness with an ocean sunrise and yoga class on Dewey Beach, pick up some local produce at the farmers market for a delicious breakfast, immerse yourself in a day of nature activities and seek mindfulness with a big beach bonfire as the sunsets over the bay.

Woman on a wellness retreat soaking in a hot spring in Colorado

Retreat to an Alpine Paradise

Alpine resorts are known for their platinum spa treatments and an abundance of health and wellness activities. Seek an elevated wellness experience at high altitude in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. The Rocky Mountains are a wellness hub, a destination that revitalizes the mind, body and soul and restores a sense of alignment and connection with nature. The snowy winter months offer a choice of 4 resorts for winter sports wellness activities and the warm summer brings sunny alpine adventures. Realign with a yoga class at the summit of Aspen mountain, boost your adrenaline kayaking the Roaring Fork River or escape the crowds on a remote hike to Crater Lake at the foot of the Maroon Bells, the No. 1 most photographed destination in Colorado.

The Rocky Mountains are scattered with natural hot springs and thermal mineral pools and hot springs destinations are currently thriving. The natural healing powers of these therapeutic hot springs have been known for centuries and the health benefits are still widely recognized today in our modern world. Soaking in a geothermal pool revitalizes the skin, detoxifies the body, refreshes the oxygen levels and naturally reduces stress levels. Iron Mountain Hot Springs in scenically located on the Colorado River in Glenwood Springs, one of Colorado’s newest hot springs and wellness destinations.

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