Top Tips for Travel in 2022

January 11, 2022

As we bid farewell to 2021 and yet another unexpected year of inhibited travel and pandemic mayhem, it’s time to set our sights on new horizons, look ahead and welcome in the new year with new adventures.

Industry experts predict a travel boom for 2022 with more trips being taken than before the pandemic as traveler confidence rises. Travel demand is high, so if you’re thinking about planning a 2022 vacation, here are our top travel tips for a safe, hassle-free, and memorable travel journey.

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Stay Savvy & Plan Ahead

Nothing is set in stone but the best travel advice for 2022 would be to stay savvy, smart, and plan ahead with cautious optimism. Diarize your dates, pick your destination, reserve your vacation accommodation, and book your attraction tickets and adventure activities with a reputable brand that offers a flexible cancelation policy should plans need changing. Always read the small print, review travel health news and COVID-19 protocols for your destination regularly, and ensure your trip is covered with adequate travel insurance.

While domestic travel is still considered lower risk, there’s been a big breakthrough in the world of international travel with eased COVID travel restrictions across the globe. If you are considering international travel, be sure to stay ahead of changing testing and vaccine requirements and if your passport’s been gathering dust, check the expiration date before booking!


Indulge a Little

Don’t limit yourself … treat yourself and plan a splurge-cation! One thing we’ve learned through the pandemic is that everything can change overnight, absolutely nothing is certain, and travel is a gift and privilege we’ve long taken for granted. Gone are the days of saving for a rainy day. We’ve entered an era of living in the moment, ticking off bucket-list adventures, fulfilling our dreams and passions, and embracing meaningful and memorable travel experiences.

Expedia’s latest travel trends report for 2022 reveals that more than two-thirds of Americans are planning to go big on their next vacation, adopt the “GOAT” mindset and take their “GOAT” vacation, the “Greatest of All Trips” in 2022.

A group of people white water rafting in Colorado.

Escape the Crowds

With two-thirds of Americans planning their GOAT vacation, is it still possible to escape the crowds? Absolutely, if you stay savvy and plan ahead! A big world of adventure awaits in off-the-beaten path destinations, quiet beach towns, national parks, mountain getaways, and the Hawaii islands, one of the top travel destinations for 2022.

Our top tips to avoid the crowds while traveling include to avoid major holidays and plan your travel for the quieter shoulder season, take advantage of work flexibility and book midweek, stay in a private home vs. a hotel and seek out unique experiences off the typical tourist path.


Embrace New Travel Experiences

Stop dreaming about your bucket list, start living it and make 2022 your best year of travel yet by embracing new and enriching travel experiences that transform. The good news is there’s a vacation destination for all travel appetites with an array of unique and immersive experiences to satisfy your thirst for travel.

At Xplorie we help you get the most out of your vacation by combining the best places to stay with the best local experiences. Whether you’re dreaming of chasing waterfalls in Hawaii, touring the Great Smoky Mountains by helicopter, learning to surf big waves, rafting a raging river, or starting 2022 with a pampering wellness retreat, new travel experiences await with Xplorie.


Keep the Inspiration Alive

The travel journey begins with a dream, is kept alive with inspiration, and is fulfilled with a rewarding and personalized in-destination experience. If you need a little help brushing off the COVID travel cobwebs, get your travel inspiration flowing with Xplorie’s top travel destinations for 2022.