Choosing the Perfect Ski Destination

December 26, 2018

The ideal ski vacation depends on the type of skier you most resemble. But there are many factors to consider, including the number of quality area activities, dining options, and your level of expertise on the snow. Before you set out on your winter adventure, it’s a good idea to refine the experience you hope to have.

Different Slopes for Different Folks

Where to go depends in part on your level of experience. There are 3 primary designations for skiers, and the ideal ski trip varies according to your experience and their availability:

Absolute beginners may prefer hotspot locations like Vail or Breckenridge which offer runs for all skill levels. All ski destinations have green courses while the more elite spots offer additional beginner amenities.

Intermediate level skiing is available wherever ski slopes are available. Lake Tahoe and Gatlinburg are great for every experience level. Artificial management of popular runs provides a consistent, enjoyable trip.

Jackson Hole tops the list of challenging destinations, but you will also find expert runs at popular resorts in Utah, Colorado, and other places. Hardcore adventure seekers can find double black runs in Jackson Hole and Breckenridge, among others.

Recognizing the Right Region

Eastern ski resort destinations and their western counterparts have many differences. Eastern slopes tend toward harder, wetter slopes, while you find drier, powdery runs out West. Elevations range from 1 to 3 thousand feet east of the Mississippi to as much as a mile or more in the Rockies. If you crave higher, thinner air, then the Colorado skies may be your optimal escape.

Additional Activities

You can’t spend all of your time on skis, so selecting the right vacation accommodations will make or break the excursion. Vail and Breckenridge are luxurious destinations focused on comfort, snow and slopes, while places like Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge offer plenty of activities unrelated to skiing. You’ll find top-rated dining at all major resorts, and nearby communities provide the necessities of chain restaurants, shopping, and cultural entertainment.

A Pick to Fit Your Finances

Family budgets range across the spectrum of income levels. For some, no cost is too great while others prefer a more low-keyed and often laid-back approach. Economical packages are available at most destinations whether it’s your first trip to Vail or an annual excursion to Lake Tahoe. Key points to factor into the decision include additional activities, range of dining options, and even options like child-oriented events or easy access to the final destination.

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